CadK Inc. is a family-owned and ran, Canadian-based company that originated in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to launching our sunroom business, we operated a company that provided engineering services to manufactures in Canada for 18 years. We aim to unify our knowledge in science with creative design to create functional, flexible, yet elegant home additions that are meaningful and widely accessible to homeowners.

Quality will prevail
with the test of time.

The CadK philosophy is to emphasize the importance of quality throughout the entire process. We participate fully in development, production, and manufacture of our products to ensure quality control is properly achieved at every step. As our company continues to grow, we aim to continuously design, develop and supply top industry standard products to satisfy customer demand. When interacting with clients, we work closely to build interpersonal relationships to fully comprehend their ideal vision, as well as keep open communication about the project to establish trust. We work hard and pay meticulous attention to detail during installation to ensure each sunroom is built with precision to fully realize our customers’ ideal vision.

Innovations to
maximize flexibility.

As the growth of the company continues, CadK Inc. intends to take an innovative approach that targets accessibility and adaptability in order to further satisfy customer standards. Our pre-engineered models are designed to be flexible, so that minor modifications are required to allow for change in dimensions and attachment to any house. This approach is a mean to shorten the wait time for each installation by eliminating the production period, while there is no expense of quality and aesthetics reduction.